Interactive Installations

A selection of projects merging art & code

Samsung 837

  • Client: Samsung
  • Agency: Edelman
  • Technology: openFrameworks, touch screens

Samsung was looking for an engaging way to manage all the social media content across all their verticals. We teamed up with Edelman to deliver a flowing river of content in a beautiful custom built wooden case.

Interactive Floor

  • Client: SHRM
  • Agency: Fake Love / New York Times
  • Technology: openFrameworks, interactive floor

To spark conversations with the public about work issues, we collaborated with Fake Love to create a gigantic interactive floor, installed in the Oculus, NYC. As people walked across, playful bubbles would prompt conversation starters.

  • Client: Dropbox
  • Agency: Fake Love / New York Times
  • Technology: openFrameworks, RFID sensors, mirror displays

At the TED conference in Vancouver 2019, Dropbox wanted an engaging digital experience around flow. We teamed up with Fake Love to create a Kusama style infinity mirror room, with animations tailored to each visitor'xs personality.

  • Client: ConsenSys
  • Agency: Elevated
  • Technology: openFrameworks, AudioKit

Elevated was commissioned to create an artistic interpretation of the Ethereum blockchain. We created a playful DJ booth, where each transaction became a musical event.

  • Client: Emerson Collective
  • Agency: Local Projects
  • Technology: iOS, Swift, openFrameworks

For the campaign to raise awareness about the XQ Super School project we worked with Local Projects to develop a traveling recording booth and converted school bus packed with cutting edge interactive technology.


  • Client: Unitas
  • Agency: Elevated
  • Technology: After Effects

Unitas is aiming to raise awareness about domestic violence and human trafficking. In this campaign we created an animation featured at Times Square.

  • Client: 9/11 Memorial
  • Agency: Local Projects
  • Technology: openFrameworks

The Timescape installation, which covers one of the walls in the West chamber of the 9/11 Memorial museum, is a groundbreaking installation that extracts story-lines in real-time from millions of news articles to visualize the continuous impact that 9/11 has on our world today.

  • Technology: openFrameworks

Hydra Endless Painter is an algorithmic portrait machine. It analyses faces, and paints them in a style that in the beginning resembles abstract oil, and gradually dissolves into aquarelles. It is perpetually painting without ever repeating a single stroke, yet the artwork lives but a fleeting moment.

Guggenheim Saadiyat Island

  • Client: TDIC
  • Agency: Action Impact

The Saadiyat Story Exhibition is a 3000 square meter exhibition built to present the key strategy of Abu Dhabi's cultural vision for the future. Elevated developed all of the exhibition's interactive content.